5G: New 5G Fast and Best technology

5G: the most trending word in the field of technology. 5G helps man to accelerate more faster than traditional. It takes 6 minutes to download an HD movie with 4G. Whereas 5G takes only 3-4 seconds ‘to download an HD film.

Variation of Generations

G in 5G means generation. The first generation is started in 1973. At that time only voice calls can do. Later in 1991, 2G has started. So similarly, messages and calls are provided. Along with 2G, 3G has starred in 2001. So in 3G not only phone calls and messages but also the internet has started to use.

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Fast network

4G is similar to 3G. But only the speed of the 4G is fast. Mostly buffering occurs when we use the 3G network. Whereas 4G reduces the buffering. Because of the high speed, we can able to play PUBG, Zoom video calls,, and many more.

Speed of 5G

The download Speed of 5G is 1GBPS-10GBPS. The length of 4G is biG and can travel long distances. But whereas the signals of 5G are short. But cannot travel long distances. Due to Disturbances in between like trees, buildings and all will stop the speed.

So the time taken to transfer files from one device to another is very less in 5 Generation. Compared to 4G it is 100 times faster. Whereas 4G takes 100 ms and 5 Generation takes 1 millisecond. But whereas if 3 or more devices are connected in a place. Then the speed will decrease gradually. Compared to 5 Generation it can able access lakhs of devices at a place.

5G Access to Multiple Devices

5G will also work On multiple devices not only for phones. IoT is the internet for household devices. 5G is used for IoT. Every device is connected to a Mobile Phone. So 5G is extended to many devices. Just like self-driving cars and electronic devices. With this time and money are saved.

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Internet of Things

Electromagnetic spectrum:

The electromagnetic spectrum shows the frequency and wavelength of the waves. Radio waves are present initially.
1. Radio waves: The length of radio waves is very long. Tv, radio, and many are transferred with radio waves.
2. Microvawe waves: Ovens, phones,, and all travel with microwave waves.
3. Infrared waves.
4. Light.
5. Ultraviolet rays
6. X-ray
7. Gamma rays.

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Radio waves are long for almost 1 kilometer. But whereas the wavelength for others will reduce gradually. So energy and frequency are higher for microwave, infrared, light…

In that case, UV, X-ray, gamma rays have more energy than light. So due to these rays cancer, stroke and many diseases may occur. But these have high radiation. Whereas radio, microwave rays have less radiation and energy.

Frequency of 5th Generation

Now 4G is using the frequency in between radio and microwave. So which is a non-ionizing section. But 5G uses mm of the frequency. And This is why it is nearer to ionizing frequency.

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Signal strength

ICNIRP is an organization that investigates the protection of food. ICNIRP Means international commission on non-ionizing radiation protection. So after total investigation, it has concluded that 5G comes under the non-ionizing section. But if the frequency somehow increases then it is very harmful to the human lifestyle. Not only affects human health but also animals” health is also affected. But higher officials are claiming that it is harmful if only if the range of frequencies exceeds.

5G has launched in various countries. And Jio, airtel,, and telecom networks are in the range to launch the 5G network.

Response Time

4G network responds within 40 milliseconds whereas 5G network takes only 1 millisecond to respond. Not only household things are controlled by using the 5G network. But also in Industries, medical areas, cattle agricultural field on telecommunications and many more.

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Arranging towers and antennas are complex and expensive too. But also takes much time and time taking process. So frequency Range of 3G and 4G lies around 3khz-6ghz. And the 5g frequency range is 30ghz-300ghz. 4G can travel up to 1-3km but 5g can travel only 300m.

5th Generation of technology is advanced. We have some advantages. And on other hand, we have disadvantages also. If the frequency exceeds the non-ionizing region then it is harmful. So 5g may change our lifestyle in many ways.

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