Area 51: The strange and mysterious place in the world

Many mysterious places are present all over the world like the Bermuda triangle and the Mona Lisa painting. But few mysteries are solved and few left unsolved. So many conspiracy theories evolve in such places. And one of the places we are going to discuss today is AREA 51. This is a place where people believe that aliens exist. But America claims that its a place for testing and researching nuclear weapons. So, let’s discuss more.

Geography of Area 51:

Area 51 is situated in the Nevada test and training range and part of the Air force base. Las Vegas is 140 miles away from this area at North West. No buildings are present in this place. Far away from places. And is between mountains and hills. Most of the part is underground. No permission to enter even the roads.

History of Area 51

It is 134 km away from Las Vegas. In early 1850 in the Nevada desert, they started silver and lead mining. Which continued up to 70 years. And ended up in 1918. So During the world war, 2 America wanted a secret place because weapons must be tested. Already this is a mined place. They developed experimental planes and Military equipment. This place is in between mountains and far away. No one could notice. So More than MGI planes of Russia higher and advanced technology. Because experts develop cutting edge technology.

So they also needed the spacecraft and selected a place at groom Lake. Engineers tool for eight months to create and develop a U2 plane. Because the U2 plane can fly high above 70,000 feet and is more compared to other flights. But this was developed earlier in 1960. After U2 plane success, they again started developing advanced spy planes. This spy plane can fly in 70 minutes’ whole continent of America at 2200 miles/hr.

High technology is used on this flight. So which moves faster than bullet and sun rays are reflected. Engineers here worked, studied, and recreated the advanced aircraft. Cutting edge and military technology are highly developed in the place.

News :

Nasa in America said that they sent astraunots to the moon and released a photo. But one author named bil k Singh against it. Because It’s fake and the setup is made at area 51 and captured photos. he released a book called “we never went to the moon” people said that they have seen a flying saucer and believed that something research is going on aliens. But America said they are preparing weapons of the military. Area 51 employees Kelle Johnson. The original name is Nevada test and training range.

Area 51 is declared as an area in America by Barack Obama by the central intelligence agency. Wally kazza and Bob frost are people who affected and died due to a harmful investigation.

Sign at Area 51
Sign at Area 51

They test the weapons and products of the military. Advanced technology is also developed in this place. America is secretly hiding this place. United States department of energy performed 928 atom tests in which 739 are here.

A long year’s back UFO crashes on this place and they are performing the same technique and developing other planet’s aliens. By using reverse engineering they are going to perform spaceship construction. teleportation in which people can travel from one place to another place and another planet within seconds.7 runways are present here.

Top 10 conspiracy theories:

  1. Moon landing:
    Some officials say that humans did not step on the moon. The whole setup is made in area 51.
  2. Time travel and teleportation technology;
    Us develops the state of the craft. the higher experiment is conducting at higher advanced technology.
  3. Weather control: scientists are developing and using the surrounding in their attempts to manipulate the weather. They used silver iodide to weaken the cyclone.
  4. Unknown Chemicals: few people noticed the burning of unknown chemicals which lead to serious illness, health problems, and deaths.
  5. Making and storing black helicopter: the black helicopter is a top in most conspiracy theories. Environmental concerns are Highly raised. Some carry endangered species and cattle and also raised as aliens.
  6. Secret military aircraft: experiment with Lockheed U2. Few aircraft are worked and tested here.
  7. Captured aliens: some say that they are extraterrestrial neighbors. Many researchers are working on it.
  8. Aliens technology: he explained about aliens ships and machines that are allegedly held. No fuel and no flame no combustion only non- gravity elements 115; is filled.
  9. Aliens autopsy: this is a place where scientists are developing and creating an alien a human hybrid for and so on reason.
Alien, Area 51, Ufo
Road at Area 51

Few more important Details about Area 51:

America officially has 50 States. but 51 places is area 51. We can able to see this area from the Tikabo peak which is 42 km away. We must climb top to the hill and so watch it with a telescope and binoculars. So they transport 20 Planes up and down from Mykonos airport to area 51.

Highly secured Area:

The highly restricted area in the entire world. Military aircraft, civil aircraft has no permission to fly in this area. No employee should come to the road. There is no I’d number on the planes. Red stripes are present at both sides. This is called as Janet planes. Because it’s another nonexisting terminal. Employees must make a promise. That they shouldn’t reveal the work they have done there. They should also not ask high professionals about their work. No windows are there for this place. So that they do not know what others are doing. No permission to take satellite images.

Secret things:

Salaries of employees are credited into their accounts in the form of cash from the black budget. Government cash budget. Security people have the right to kill or shoot a person who enters without permission.

People said that they have seen strange lights in the sky. Flying saucers also appear to them during 1950-1970. They thought that aliens are visiting the earth in a spaceship. BBC tried to shoot a documentary on this place. But security people arrested them and so verified their ID because of resignation.

More about Aliens:

On July 8 1947 in Roswell people noticed a flying saucer. And they were afraid of it. So they found it was crashed to the ground. People there shifted it to Area 51. This incident confirmed people that there are aliens in that area. Because for 2 months and more they did not get any information.


There are 9 planets in the solar system. Earth is just a small microparticle. So life may exist in other planets too. Because of these planets, life may also occur on another planet. So many infinite particles may have a life like earth. So tests are going there in Area 51. But there is a big city underground. Series of tunnels, rooms, and tunnels and so many are there. So America is trying to develop advanced technology. Because to dominate the world with their powers and also advanced technology.


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