Atlantis: The powerful mystery of all-time

Atlantis, numerous individuals attempted to discover the specific area of this spot. It began in the beginning phases of 363 BC by the Acclaimed philosopher Plato. Numerous individuals get pulled into his thoughts and methods of reasoning. He composed the books The Timaeus and the Critias. In his composition, he referenced a territory called Atlantis. According to his view, this is a very advanced City compared to present smart cities. He compared that area to Heaven. Poseidon is the god worshipped in this area. In the center of the city golden statue is present inside the temple.

How Atlantis look like?

The city is designed as three rings. Each ring is interconnected with bridges. Every building in this area is built with red and black stones. Flying machines were used at that time. They used crystal as the city’s energy source. It is meant to reflect energy for some million years. People felt enthusiastic while reading the book. But at last, he made a twist the one night the whole city is drowned by a tsunami. No samples remained from the next days.

In 1793 these books were merged as one. And translated into one book by Thomas Taylor in English. Thereby this book became much famous and sold out many copies within a month. Some People did not believe in the place. Because they thought it is just an imaginary story written by Pluto. And some believed about the treasure present there. And few say that there live aliens.

Where is Atlantis Located?

Leader Hitler’s also believed that there is an Atlantis. If he is able to find out the crystal he would be a great leader. Many countries are trying to find out. They got attracted by crystals, treasures, and all. Plato showed this as a symbol of peace. He proved that a greedy man and a proud man can destroy completely. Plato in his early books included all real places. So People believed that this place is real.

Assumptions of Atlantis:

People thought this place is located in Florida in the Bermuda triangle region. The underground crystal is getting attracted. But he described it as a big city. And But it is just 1/4 of the Bermuda triangle.

Atlantis, Sea, Ruins, Water, Underwater
Atlantis, and Sea

Later, scientists have found that it was vanished by the volcanic eruption. So few theories came forward for this. And fee people say that it was drowned by the ocean. Because it is situated at the center of the ocean.

What Plato said about Atlantis?

The city of Atlantis is like heaven. God is most likely praised here. Agriculture is highly developed here. Drain and water systems are high. This city has developed in all areas. The inner ring has some canals and wells. He also described that elephants are high in number.

Searching for Atlantic

Geologists started searching for the place based on sayings by Pluto. They have found that at the banks of Cuba they saw huge buildings. But it did not depict as Atlantis. Few cameras are sent inside the Ocean which is developed using solar technology. But they did not match. In Spain underneath, they have found a big city that approximately matches Plato’s sayings. And satellite images are also released. They have found a few sculptures, images, and paintings. They researched and found that they belong to Asian culture.

Is Dwaraka an Atlantis?

Many people said different types of places and surprisingly Dwaraka too. Dwaraka is the place where Krishna ruled this kingdom. According to Mahabharata after Lord Krishna left the city it was drowned in the ocean. It drowned 12,000 years ago. Scientists are assuming that Atlantis also drowned 12 000 years ago. But it’s definitely not Dwaraka. Because Plato said that Atlantis is big. But Dwaraka is not even half of it. And nothing matches with Mahabharata as he said. The age coincidence is the only factor matches here.

Many people have searched for this place. But they did not found the exact features mentioned by Plato. But Atlantis might be in the north Atlantic Ocean in between Africa and America . after advanced technology has developed geostationary photography is used. And they started searching for it.

At Santorini:

They searched at Santorini Island. They have found a circle-shaped city. Undersea they have found red and black stones. And was written by Plato. They also found a few metal pieces. They are prepared by using copper and zinc alloy. So as said by Plato. And they researched quickly. But later they have concluded that the city they were found was vanished due to volcanic eruption. And German geologist Ryon core came up with donana national park in Spain. And found a similar place. So satellite images also match the same as Atlantis. And they found the stone. In which three rings are identified. The age of this stone is 600 BC. But still, research is going on


Atlantis is an island. So As said by Plato it is a great and big city. But suddenly, one night the whole city was collapsed because of a tsunami. And Plato described the place in a neat manner. He also explained the unique features it. Bit till now we don’t know where actually Atlantis is. Research is going on.



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