Big Bang: The Beginning of the Universe

We have seen that every film starts with the beginning. But even our earth has a beginning. Around nearly 1370 crores years back, something put Universe moving only just as a blast. The big bang is the reason for the birth of atoms, molecules, compounds, every single star, and even every single galaxy. This is not only my story. But this is your story my story and also our story. What is the reason for each and every single object’s birth? This is not just an Indian history or world’s history but it is universal history.

Big Bang, Explosion, Pop, Fireball, Fire
Big Bang

How did we come to know?

In 1920, Edwin Hubble provided evidence that the universe is expanding. Hubble space telescope is named after him. He said as time passes the galaxies move as far as possible. This the distance between the galaxy is increasing eventually.

  • 1. All matter forming the universe is existed in one place like a tiny ball.
  • 2. The tiny ball exploded violently and led to a huge expansion
  • 3. Time, space, and matter began with a big bang.

Earth and the sun:

Earth is our place. It turns itself and spins around the Sun for 365 days. Sun is the biggest star and mostly consists of helium and hydrogen. So the surface temperature of the sun is 10,000 degrees F. Conversion of 70 crores tonnes into 65 crore tonnes produces light. From which we can able to see every object. The solar system consists of the earth, sun, and other planets.

Solar System, Planet, Planetary System
Solar System,

The universe:

Our solar system is not every time stationary. It always revolves and moves at a speed of 214 km/s. The galaxy of the earth is the milky way galaxy. Commonly in Telugu called Palapuntha. There are some 20,000 crore stars present in the galaxy. But only 600 crore stars have the same planetary system as the earth. As the milky way galaxy, there are many other galaxies present in the universe.

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What happened at the beginning of the universe?

So our solar system, galaxies, milky way galaxy, stars comprise the universe. So the size of the universe is directly proportional to the time of the future.

Molecules, Atom, Science, Sphere

The explosion of the atom.

So by considering the above relation, an earlier universe might be smaller as of now. Likewise, if we go to pass years the universe is very much smaller as small as a galaxy. Similarly going backward it is just atom size. But suddenly something or Mysterious thing happened inside the atom. So it exploded. No one could guess what has happened. Because evidence is not perfect and scientists could nor found it. So a large explosion has taken place.

Apocalypse, Disaster, End Time

Big Bang:

Big= large, bang=explosion. So Big Bang means a large explosion. And also everything came from the explosion. So stars, galaxies, planets, and all took birth from this explosion. Even the energy we are using for filling the fuel of vehicles is also from a big bang. Every item we are using now came from a big bang only.

Star formation from Big Bang:

When gravity forces a huge volume of hydrogen gas and it collapses by itself. The temperature of the gas is increased due to compression inside it. And collisions undergo inside. Until the collisions stop these atoms heats and form helium atoms. The mass of helium atoms is less than the combined mass of 2 Hydrogen atoms. Then remaining mass is released as energy and radiation. The released energy is small for one atom. But there are billions of millions of atoms present. Then the total energy released is tremendous. In simple terms, if the hydrogen and another hydrogen are combined then helium is formed. The released energy glows and stars form. Black Holes are formed when the star dies. In the same process, some million stars are formed.

Sun formation from Big Bang:

So hydrogen combines with itself and forms helium. Similarly, in the same way, helium and another helium combines and forms lithium and the process continues and produces the atoms like carbon. And these all combine and produce iron. And by the further explosion of these small stars big elements like uranium and all are formed as stars. These small stars combined together and formed Sun. The size of the universe increments over the long haul. Sun mainly consists of 99% of hydrogen dust. Gravity is formed because of hydrogen dust. So due to gravity, every star started rotating there. Even our earth.

Periodic System, Chemistry, Science
Periodic System

Earth from Big Bang:

Initially, the earth contains full of lavas. And so heat is high and the temperature is maximum. Earlier it is six hours is equal to one day. The heavy and massive particles present in the earth or iterates and formed gravity inside it. And the lighter and smoother ones formed magnetic lines around the earth. These magnetic lines helped the earth in protecting overheat came from the sun. In this way, the earth started revolving around the sun and started cooling itself. The age of the earth is 920 crore years.

Formation of moon:

Then asteroid hit the earth with greater speed. With this collision, some of the dust went to the universe. Due to the gravity present on Earth, dust started revolving around the earth. And eventually, a moon was formed.

Fireball, Asteroid, Explosion, Disaster

Did you know?
Our earth’s axis is tilted. This is because of this collision of the asteroid on earth.

Lava, Cracked, Background, Fire, Volcano

Water formation:

Essential requirements of life weren’t born. like water and all. Earlier we discussed lavas on the steam present in lavas got overflow. The steam evaporated sky and rains were formed. Water is created from the stream of lava. So the first living thing was born from water. It means a small creature on the side of the water.

Oxygen formation:

Small creatures learned how to use sunlight for living. So it took sunlight as energy, food, and release waste products. The waste product here is oxygen. oxygen is required for survival.

Mountains formation:

Water contains mainly iron substances. If the water touches iron then obviously rust forms. These rust after deposition formed mountains. The rust deposited iron was now called iron ores.
Every living thing like a tree, and all, is underwater only.

Ozone layer:

The creatures and living organisms released oxygen. The released oxygen now combined with mono oxygen and formed an ozone layer. The ozone layer around the earth is a protective layer that helps from preventing harmful UV radiation from coming from the sun.

Ozone, Sphere, Atmosphere, Ultraviolet


Now the living things under the water slowly came on the land. It means they can live in water and also on the land. These are called amphibians. Slowly, trees, plants, and other started growing on the land. After their lifespan, they died. After death, they were buried under the earth. Earth’s inner core converted it into coal mines. Then the birth of dinosaurs took place. During the dinosaurs period, all the continents were bonded. But later they were separated as Africa, America, Australia Asia, and all.

Coal, Black, Mineral, Underground, Mine

First human birth:

Records say that the first human birth took place in Africa. But Africa is not developed yet. Again after a few years, another asteroid hit the earth. And this asteroid us the reason for dinosaurs extinction. And again the same process continues and wee was born. But another big bang Is responsible for the evolution of mankind.

Africa, Map, Continent, South America
Map of all continents

Puranas about Big Bang.

According to garudapuranam, Vishnu told the formation of the universe in garudapuranam. He told in the book that the universe is made by me. Kartha, Karma, Kriya everything is me. I created panchabuthas and converted them into the earth. For the creation of things on earth. and again I created lord Brahma. And also for destroying I created lord Shiv. He told in the book that he also created sargas.

Conclusion of Big Bang:

So few people say that God has created this universe. And but few people explain the formation in a scientific way. Anyhow, whatever you believe is on your side. First of all, believe yourself. Change urself and change the universe. If you are able to change then others also follow the same path. We are just impossible creatures in the impossible universe.


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