Blackhole: Understanding the complete details

We all are familiar with the following questions, Are blackhole real? Can we see them? How black hole is formed? Is it dangerous? Can blackhole time travel? Where it is located in the universe? and all. so, let us drive into the topic and discuss it in detail.

Blackhole: It is one of the strangest and fascinating things in our universe. People say that it is also responsible for time travel. They have much density, and the mass is absolutely far times higher than the sun. By using the general theory of relativity Einstein estimated a black hole in 1916. The black hole is named by John Wheeler, an American astronomer in 1967. The first black hole was spotted in the year 1971.

Size of the black body:

Black Holes are either bigger or else smaller. It may be as small as atoms. They look as they are small but their mass is huge. Mass means the amount of matter present in the body. Blackhole is formed if a football is squeezed as a cricket ball.


Formation of a Blackhole:

When gravity forces a huge volume of hydrogen gas and collapses by itself. The temperature of the gas is increased due to compression. And collisions occur inside. Until the collisions stop these atoms heats and form helium atoms. The mass of helium atoms is less than the combined mass of 2 Hydrogen atoms. Then remaining mass is released as energy and radiation. The released energy is small for one atom. But there are billions of millions of atoms present. Then the total energy released is tremendous. Black Holes are formed when the star dies. It collapses itself to form black holes.

It blasts suddenly, into pieces. The smaller one with high density. 1 tablespoon = 1 million tonnes of earth. To survive a star must be neutralized by gravity. Hydrogen is fused as helium and helium to carbon and the process continues until it reaches iron. Further iron does not fuse to atoms. So here it is jammed with higher and heavy elements. There is no fuel to burn furthermore. Star becomes cooler and slowly contracts. Star is stable because of gravitational force and radiation force acting in opposite directions.

Scientists Research on Blackhole:

In 1928, during Chandrasekhar travel from India to England. He Said that star would survive if gravity is encountered with repulsive forces between matter. We call it white drafts. That has Hundreds of thousands of cubic inch dense. All mass is packed in a sphere of thousand miles diameter
Cold star = 1.5 * mass of the sun. we call it the Chandrashekhar limit and would undergo contraction. A neutron star is it could hold on by neutralizing gravity pressure with repulsion forces of neutron and proton. All mass is packed in a sphere of 20 miles diameter.

Blackhole in space.
Blackhole in space.


If the star is dying, all matter present is squeezed into tiny. Gravitational force is stronger in this area. Electromagnetic radiation is also not possible here. Light cannot get out of it and also light is not absorbed. Black Holes are invisible. An object appears to our eyes if light falls on the object and reflects back. Telescope with higher resolution and recommended tools are able to see surroundings stars. Light is just absorbed but not reflected. They have a high density.

Types of Blackholes:

  • Stellar black hole: The mass of the Stellar black hole is as much as 20 times the mass of the Sun. We may find a huge number of stellars in our galaxy. Which is called the Milky way galaxy. When massive stars collapse at the end of their life. From smaller stars, the new core will become a white dwarf.
  • Supermassive Blackhole: these are the largest black Holes. If one Million suns are together then the mass is equal to supermassive. Every galaxy has supermassive at the center. By absorbing other black holes and stars supermassive is formed.

Could we see black holes?

We are not able to see the black hole. Because it is invisible. And also Because no light enters there. But by using a high-resolution telescope we can see the effect of gravity near surroundings. High energy light is made when the star and black hole are closer. We cannot see this with our naked eye. Scientists use the telescope to see.

Abstract space wallpaper. Black hole with nebula over colorful stars and cloud fields in outer space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Black hole

Can Blackhole eat earth?

Luckily there are no black holes surrounding Earth. Black Holes never move. They just trap planets, stars that are nearby. If the gravity is as same as the sun even though we won’t fall in. We just orbit around a black hole like the sun. The sun never turns into a black hole.

Will all stars become black holes?

And Not all stars become a black hole. The stars with the mass 20* mass of the sun. And The black hole in our galaxy is a Segatarious A star. It’s diameter is 4,40,00,000 km. It is 25,640 light-years away. Light travels 3,00,000,000 km/s . So Light traveled in a year is called a light-year. approximately 94,60,00,000,000. Km/hr. Black Holes are covered with the horizon. Objects outside the horizon are safe. Once they enter in they will not come outside.


So, our universe is covered with massive objects. And Which consists of different types of objects and things. So like Blackhole, Milkyway, galaxy, star, and all. Many conspiracy theories evolve. Scientists research space and find different objects and all.


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