Doomsday: The Security Seed bank and variety of seeds

Have you ever wondered a seed storing bank existence? Yes, you are right. In case if some event occurs and there would be no food. Then this bank provides the seeds. It stores the clone seeds safely. There is only a way for food. Agriculture is the one and only one way. Plants develop from seeds. A Doomsday bank is not meant to store money.


Svalbard global seed vault also called the Doomsday bank and Doomsday seed vault. It is a place where seeds are stored safely. Many different types of seeds are stored here. Duplicate copies of these seeds are stored. This is to overcome the huge crisis across the world. Seeds are stored for the upcoming generation. Seeds of vegetables, fruits, and grains, and all are stored.

Construction of Doomsday bank

The Doomsday bank is 120 meters inside a sandstone on Spitsbergen. Seeds are packed in a foil and zero moisture. Permanent staff is not available here. It is above sea level and keeps the place safe. Studies say that it can store seed for 100 years.

Purpose of Doomsday bank

The purpose of the Doomsday bank is to serve as a backup center for food. And provides the safety food in case of an uncertain disaster. Because it works as a safe deposit box. So To survive the future generations and to overcome an increase in population and disaster.

Geography of Doomsday bank

It is located in Spitsbergen Norway. The work started on 19 June 2006. And this is completed on February 26, 2008. World’s richest man Bill gates and also rich The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION contributed to this bank. To overcome the situation faced when a tsunami, Toofan, and all arises. 20 million types of seeds can be stored. There are 8 lakh different types of seeds are available. So the temperature maintained here is -18° C.1300 km and 160 miles away from the North pole.

Control of Doomsday bank:

A series of tunnels are present in this. As we go deeper inside we may feel much colder. This bank can withstand a lot of explosion and earthquake and all. Because this is deep inside 300 meters. This place will be located above sea level if the entire ice gets melted. So It should store the food in the worst-case scenario. This place is covered with ice on walls doors and everywhere. No one should open the seeds once they are packed for storage. Checking is done carefully and verifies not to contain explosive material.

INSIDE THE SEED VAULT: Video Credits: CNN Channel Youtube

These seeds are utilized for 20-30 years from now. And also represents the vast agriculture diversity. These seeds are suitable for the colder and also warmer climate. Whatever gonna happen these seeds are adapted in the soil. We can plant the food we need for e the next generation. Whatever happens to the world these seeds will help us in food.

These mega projects Do Not receive millions of tourists but can help millions with food. Suddenly if an event occurs and no worries about food. This bank helps in feeding. Many countries like Lebanon, morocco have used these seeds. In their crisis recently.

Purification process:

The finest seeds are identified and stored here. There are 1750 banks to store the seeds around the world. But this doomsday bank is a unique one. Fruits, plants, and trees have primarily arrived from the seeds. So at a certain temperature around-4°C, these seeds are protected. We certainly affect the food crisis. Because natural disasters like volcano eruption, asteroid strike, blackhole attack, tsunami, heavy rains, and all may attack any time. We may not imagine what would happen next. And we will not survive if there is no food. We have developed a lot more technology for heavy crop production. In this few finest are selected and ready to store.

Seeds in Doomsday bank:

This vault is opened officially on February 26, 2008. But the seeds are arranged from January itself. 18,000 samples of seeds each of 500 seeds are brought from the Netherlands. In the next year, more than 90,000 seeds were placed. And But the total became the count of 4,00,000. Few others are brought from Ireland, Canada, and Switzerland. It became 1/3 of the total crop and varieties. The vault is designed that no water should enter and spoil the seeds. Waterproof walls and tunnels are arranged. Terms and conditions are applicable. In its decade there were about 70,000 samples. So because This is to represent 13 years of agricultural production.


So Doomsday bank is a good bank. Because it is securing and protecting the seeds for future generations. And also for us in some events. So such type of banks are 1750 around the world. But many different types of samples are stored here. And the climatic conditions also suits the security.


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