Uttarakhand Glacier Burst: The suddenly and shocking burst

Uttarakhand is also known as Devbhumi. Just because of floods and tsunami in that area. Recently, we have seen in the news that a glacier has burst. And several people lost their lives and many are hospitalized. So this took place in Joshimath Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. It was a massive glacier burst. So similarly Ganga river is a combination of Alakananda and Bhagirathi rivers. And they meet at Dev Prayag. Similarly, Alakananda has many small rivers like Dhauli Ganga. And all combination is called Nanda Devi. Initially, the glacier was broken here in the Nanda Devi region.

Glaciers and projects

Surprisingly 100 constructional and related workers are not spotted. Therefore Government And CM provided a fund relief of 4 lakh rupees for the effectors. Indeed these workers are constructing a power project. Mostly the power project which was effected is Tapovan Vishnugad Hydropower project and Rishiganga Hydropower project. So these are indirectly connected with Uttar Pradesh. So people of Uttar Pradesh must be on high alert.Uttarpradesh

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Glacier and project

Though rescue team helps. Correspondingly 31 members dead and 170 gonna missing. Glacial Lake Outburst flood. Indian army reached the spot to help the people and deal with them. The floodwaters burst suddenly and huge water poured out.

What is a Glacier?

The denser ice and moving with its weight. Simply a heavy thing which moves on the land. It is generally formed by snow. So whenever snow accumulates for over years and years and centuries. But slowly they may pour out someday causing many effects. They form only on the land and not where. But Australia doesn’t have any glaciers. Thus the age is Some hundreds of years. So they are formed as a layer and layer of snow.

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Reasons for Glacier Burst:

1. Soil Erosion: Because of soil Erosion many glaciers burst out.
2. Water pressure: When the water flowing at a huge speed and creates pressure.
3. Avalanche; Increase in the glow of water in the river.
4. Earthquake: So when the major portion of the glacier went inward then Causes an earthquake.
5. Massive Displacement of water: So if the water levels are high than expected. Then displacement may be. But in Uttarakhand, this is not the case. Because the water level is very low than expected.

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Significance of a Glacier Burst.

1. Indicates Global Warming: So generally glaciers identify and indicated global warming. Because of climate change and temperature rise and fall. But if the temperature rises the sea level increases rapidly.
2. Earth’s Air-conditioning: The balance of the temperature and climate.

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Kindly mail me at priyablogs001@gmail.com.

Kindly mail me at priyablogs001@gmail.com.

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