INS VIRAAT: The most served Aircraft of India

INS VIRAAT is the aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. India bought INS Virat on 12 May 1987. It served almost 30 years to the Indian army. It is the most seasoned plane carrying warship in assistance around the world. This is the last British-built ship in India. The last excursion of ins viraat is from Mumbai to Kochi on 23 July 2016. It decommissioned on March 6, 2016. It was sold in September starting and broken up. and also served to Britain as HMS Hermes. But Britain sold out to India. So totally it serves 56 years for Britain and India.

Design of ins viraat:

It is made up of the finest steel to tamper in battles. It was prepared at Vickers shipyard in barrow Street United Kingdom. And lady clementine launched an HMS in February 1953. So in the next 25 years, HMS Hermes served in the Royal Navy. Strike carrier from 1959-1970. And also commando submarine warfare carrier between 1970-1980. From 89s it began as a vertical short takeoff. It has undergone several structural modifications in this period. Then retiring of the ship has arrived. So this played a major and key role in the 1982 war on the Falkland Islands. And she returned with the victory.
Soon after the war, it has ended its active service.

India’s flagship:

At the time 1986 India is in need of a second aircraft. Finally, India acquired HMS Hermes and owned it. But the cost went at 60 million pounds. After all fits and new structural equipment, INS Virat is active. And few trials and tests were successfully passed. So finally it has sailed to India.

Symbol of INS Viraat:

Ins viraat entered into the water on August 21, 1987. It spotted as a soaring Eagle that symbolizes the superior airpark with 5 arrows. meaning is he who controls the sea is all-powerful. It carried 28700 tonnes. And it is 227 meters long and 49 meters wide. It can sustain in the sea up to 3 months. It totally weighed 27,800 tonnes.

Specialities of INS Viraat

The generator of Virat produces 9 megawatts of energy which is required to light the city. 150 officers and 1500 sailors. Soon after its 2 years of introduction, it became spearhead. So its first major operation is operation Jupiter. And launched in July 1989. This supported the Indian personnel from Srilanka. 76 helicopters were mounted over a period of six hours. And to embark 360 soldiers from seven riffles.

Again the Indian army called viraat into action. During the operation parakram. Operation parakram ( December 2001 to October 2002). It also controlled marine over the north Arabian sea. She also leads in various international joint exercises like Malabar with the US Navy. And also in the French Navy. Also an integral element of naval exercises. The last deployment is in the participation of international fleet IFR at Vishakapatnam.


Narendra Modi government decided to sell INS Virat. They informed in parliament. Minister of state for defense Shripad Nayak Announced in a parliament that it would be sold. He also said that the government received any proposals to convert it into a hotel or museum. But none was considered good enough.


Any warship has a lifespan. Because the material it is made up of like sensors and wires may become weak. So it may not last long. But Ins viraat served for over 3 decades. The best thing about ins viraat is it also carried radar and sonar equipment with it. Maharashtra government approved to convert it into a hospitality center and hotel. But ideas do not come forward. The fee proposal came forward to reserve it in Vizag. But this also failed. And finally, it was scrapped. Since no State governments came front to showcase the heritage of the navy. Thus it remained decommissioned.

Sriram group owned it for 38 crores 54 lakhs. It will dismantle soon. but it takes almost 12 months to dismantle it. Many people thought it to convert as a hotel or museum. But their ideas failed.


In my opinion, ins viraat might have been turned as a hotel or museum. So that future generations must be able to know the heritage. And ins viraat is a great flagship for us. It served over 3 decades to our Indian navy. It also has special features like staying long hours in water. And played a vital role in major operations. A strong and resilient navy. It is necessary to achieve operational and strategic objectives. Boilers of ins viraat were steamed for 80,075 hours. She also sailed 5,88,288 miles. it almost spent 2258 days in Ocean.


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