MH370: The strange sensational Flight mystery

The MH370 is a Malaysian flight. it has been missed five years ago. and also not even a single part is found. This flight incorporates 2 pilots, 10 staff individuals, and 227 travelers. So let us discuss more in this blog.

Introduction to MH370 flight

On March 8 2014 at time 12:42 AM:
Malaysian airlines, A flight named MH370 with 227 passengers started takeoff from Kaula Lumpur to Beijing. It should reach China Beijing at 6:30 AM. But this flight did not reach its destination until now. So this is missed in the Middle. Many search operations have taken place. But not even a single part of the flight is found. So these turned into a secret throughout the entire existence of flying. In this current twentieth century we have a lot of innovation. But this technology couldn’t find the flight.

About the MH370 flight:

Malaysian airlines is a company owned by Malaysia. So These airlines operate two flights from Kaula Lumpur to Beijing. One flight is named as MH370. The last message sent by the flight is “All right good night.”

MH370 flight take-off

March 8 2014 morning 12:35 AM. The flight is about to start to reach China. So Passengers are excited to reach their destination places. And there are 153 Chinese citizens, 50 Malaysian citizens, and 5 Indian citizens, and a few others. The flight started 5 minutes late because of passenger adjustment. It should reach Beijing at 6 30 AM. The journey from Malaysia to China is 5:30. Boeing company developed the Malaysian airlines. So by using this fuel flight can continuously run for 7:30. It became 11 years for developing MH370. So this flight is mechanically strong. And also no major problem included. Totally 12 crew members are there in which 2 are pilots and 10 are board staff.


The flight contains 227 passengers, 10 staff, and 2 pilots. They are traveling at a height of 1800 meters. Everything is going cool. Transporter in flights sends the signals to RADAR. RADAR tracks the position and location of the flight. The airport staff monitors everything 24/7.

Tracking MH370 flight with signals:

It’s 1:19 AM and now the flight is between Vietnam and Malaysia. Vietnam airport and Malaysian airport RADAR are tracking MH370. But unfortunately after 40 minutes from take-off. At 1:21AM Signals are cut down from airports. The transporter is not responding to the signals and not giving. Climate is clear, No Toofan is estimated. But there is no reason for the disconnection of the transporter. So the transporter is forcibly turned off. But Even though it is not responding military RADAR is tracking. Military RADAR can track airplanes in the air 24/7.

RADAR tracking:

According to Military RADAR, Flight turned left and traveled some distance. After traveling it took a right turn and traveled some distance. 2:22 AM It entered into the Indian Ocean. But military RADAR is unable to track because they won’t work now. But still, communication with Satellite is connected. According to this satellite tracking information, the flight has taken a left turn and traveled for 5 hours in the same direction.

Route of MH370
Route of MH370

A journey of MH370 Flight.

It’s been traveling in the Indian Ocean. It’s 7:24 AM and MH370 didn’t reach Beijing. Then the Malaysian government has announced that the MH370 flight missing. Time 8:19 AM then flight traveled more than 7 hours. So fuel is dead inside. The association with Satellite and flight has been cut.

Malaysian government collected every piece of information and started searching. With 19 ships 345 patrol boats they searched 4.66 million square kilometers. They searched in Thailand but realized to search in the Indian Ocean. But a single part of MH370 is not found. They searched for almost a year but found nothing. Costliest search operations in the history of aviation. 1,000 crore spent on this.

Important THEORIES of MH370

  1. Flight Hijacked by Passengers! :
    Two passenger of Iran has taken tickets to Beijing. They came up with a stolen passport. A deep investigation has started. But after clear investigation, they found that they were just migrants and searching for a job. And want to settle in Beijing. But they are not terrorists and they don’t know to fly a plane. Every family has been enquired and found zero evidence.
  2. Flight Hijacked by Pilots:
    The interview has been done with the families and relatives of the crew. But here they did not get any evidence. And also checked their bank balance but it is a minimum account balance.
  3. Hypoxia:
    It is estimated that inside a fire accident might happen. So pilots thought to land to nearby airports. But due to electrical problems, they may not land. So many of them lost their breath. But the plane traveled until the fuel is there. And then crashed. Correct evidence is also not found.
  1. Black Holes: Due to some forces, a black hole dragged MH370 into its core.
  2. Aliens: people say that aliens have taken the flight. And also testing the passenger. And all.
  3. Cybercriminals: a theory also came into existence, that cybercriminals to store the data have hijacked the flight.
    They started searching first at the South China sea. The Prime minister of Malaysia has announced few details. Only half the part of the investigation is released.


The MH370 flight has disappeared. No investigations clearly found what has happened. no proper evidence got found. So this is all about MH370 Flight Mystery.


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