Tesla: The New and extraordinary electric car

Tesla is the most populous American electric vehicle company. So in fact it is in California. Tesla was founded in early 2003 on July 1. So the major products of Tesla include electric cars, solar batteries, Tesla batteries, and roofs. Most importantly the owner of Tesla is Elon Musk.

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer. So this is a tribute to Nikola Tesla. Indeed Elon Musk is the CEO of the company. However, these cars work on energy and solar batteries. It is to be noted that Tesla is the world’s largest selling product. It not only produces cars but also battery supplier system.

Tesla, Tesla Model X, Charging
Charging the car

Electric cars work with the energy that is stored in the battery. Tesla car gives an overwhelmed experience for the user. This car gives the highest mileage among all the cats present over. So the mileage of this car is 500 kilometers per one charged battery.

Tesla logo
Car tesla

Elon Musk started from online transactions to space vehicles. So the main motto of Elon Musk is to create a product that is beneficial for humans and the environment safe. So for us have a dream to have there and some things.

Tesla is a No fuel car

When compared to normal cars, Tesla doesn’t produce any air pollutants. Because it doesn’t work with fuel. And it works with batteries car energy. So there is a huge number of cars producing pollutants and release them that. So many of the people are maintaining cars. Therefore, due to this fuel cars’ air is polluted and fuel is also wasted.

tesla inner view
Inner view of the car

This is a car that doesn’t use a single drop of petrol or diesel. So initially this idea began in the early 18th century. But it took many years to implement and execute.

First Electric car

Even though the first electric car was made in 1890 by William Marrison. Due to insufficient technology and research these electric cars no longer worked. So to establish an electric car, Elon Musk has faced many difficulties, hurdles, failures, and defeats.

Auto-Pilot in Tesla

Interestingly, if you feel sleep or drowsiness when driving then should be enabled. And the Autopilot mode active and turns on 360° cameras. So that they can cover the vehicles surrounding them. The ultrasonic sensors and radar rays present are captured. So in this case it detects nearby cars and drives accordingly.

Auto-Parking mode

Literally, many of them confuse how and where to park. But in Tesla auto parking is available. And also it comes to you wherever you are. So we can connect the car to our phone. And the car comes to us wherever we are.

Tesla, Supercharger, Ev, Car, Automobile
Charger for the car

Just with 45 minutes charge this can run or drive up to 500kkilometers. On the other hand, the company provides free charging for up to 6 months. So, in the same way, we can use the engine space for luggage. Because the engine is absent in Tesla cars.


  • Auto-Pilot option: In which car drives itself and reaches a point.
  • Charger: With just 30 min of charge it travels several miles
  • Parking Sensors: Automatically it parks itself.
  • Browser: Interestingly, the Browser is also provided.
  • App to connect phone: Special app is designed to do that it engages our mobile phone.

Tesla Coming to India

So Tesla car has many advantages and awesome features. Are you waiting for the arrival of the Tesla car in India? Yes!! Tesla is coming to IndiaTenementnt imposed a 120% customs tax on import products. So Elon Musk hoped to bring them at a very low cost. If this comes to India. Then the business of fuels will stop with international countries.

Nitin Gadkari was finally accepted on 20th December of 2020. So to bring the Tesla cars to India. He added that in early 2021 the operation of cars is yet to be started


Open maps set location in the carso that it reaches you to the destination spot. It can run 0-100 kilometers in just 3 seconds. So this car said did to be eco-friendly.

Lithium Ion battery

Tesla cars are manufactured in china. Because in Bina infrastructure is readily available. And the important thing it has many lithium mines. So that batteries use lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion battery is cheaper but it longs for several years.

Tesla, Auto, Electric Car, Recharge
battery of a car

With this technology, I can see electric India.

So this is everything about Tesla cars. I hope you found it informative. Please share with near and dear. Keep encouraging and support me if you love my work. Thank you!!

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