Time travel: The Spectacular details about Time travel

Is time actually present? Or we are assuming it? Will the time be the same for everyone and also everywhere. Can we travel forward and backward in time? In the film, Adithya 369 Balaiah travels forward and backward. Is it possible in real life? Are we able to rectify mistakes previously done?
We do some mistakes with or without even knowing. We wish that we could go back to the past and correct our mistakes. Now, let’s discuss about all these questions in this blog.

A boy is willing to propose to his girlfriend. But he is tensed about her answer. Generally, boys fear when they propose. In this stage, our brain starts thinking. Then he really wants to go to the future to see her reaction. But they remain as dreams. I generally travel every year. Did you travel? But, we travel at the rate of one hour per hour.

What is Time:

Have you ever wondered what actually is time? Do you know who invented it? In earlier days, people used to decide time with the sun as a reference. If the sun is positioned exactly at our head then it is 12. If a rail moves from London to Paris. Then it follows London time till it reaches Paris. In the same way, if it reaches London from Paris it follows Paris time. Einstein approached way of standard time. By comparing all the times and connecting through telegraphic signals. And they made a standard time. This technique is called clock synchronization. And standard time is Greenwich standard time.


Is everywhere the time same!

Albert Einstein proposed a space and time theory. To test this in the year 1971. The atomic clock is developed. It shows micro-millisecond accuracy. The test is they kept an atomic clock in Earth and airplane. The airplane is supposed to rotate around the earth. After comparing, the aeroplane clock is billionth seconds fast. As distance increase time increase. If we compare a planet with 1000 light-years far planet. It means 1 year equals to 1 hour there.

Time travel of aliens:

An American Central intelligence agency (CIA) Agent, Edward Snowden Is the person who copied and leaked information from NSA(National Security agency). This is about, an alien spaceship which crash-landed in Mexico, the USA in 1947.

By knowing the American military reached the spot. They have seen three aliens alive. They captured and named EBE1, EBE2, and EBE3. EBE Means extraterrestrial biological entities. During an interview, a person asked, “Where are you from?” To aliens. Aliens said ” We are from planet Earth. And said we came from several thousands of light-years from the future. You said ” we are from the earth” bit you like as aliens. It means in the future alien’s attack and kill human beings and occupy the earth. Aliens answered we are also human beings like you. As human beings evolved from apes. We evolved from human beings. We are evolutionary descendants, they said. The individual asked, ” how could you return these numerous years? Aliens said, ” we used “offset spatial divergence techniques“.

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Example of Time Travel:

If you are 20 and your friend 29. And if you get into the spaceship and circulating the black hole and come back. You would be 21 and your friend at 80. This is time travel. If we are able to control the energy of the black hole, we can travel. But if we want to travel past we must use offset spatial divergence techniques.

Black Hole: A region where the gravitational force is strong and no chance of escape of radiation. Blackholes are invisible. Because an object appears if light travels from it. If a big object is compressed as small then it is a black hole. Where strong gravitational force is strong then time is slow and vice versa. Because that clock placed on earth has a slow moment. A black hole consists of thousands of times greater than that of earth.

Scientists on time travel:

A parallel universe: it means you can travel to others’ time and can change. But you cannot change yours. Stephen Hawking said time travel is impossible. Because If it is possible many people have come to visit. But scientists are claiming that they may be surrounding us invisibly. Isaac Newton stated that time is an arrow and moves unidirectionally. But Einstein said it was a river. Because it moves faster and slower producing turns, twists, and whirlpool.

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Theories involved in Time Travel:

Einstein developed a theory called special relativity. The imagination of this special relativity is hard. Scientists have confirmed that we can time travel. This theory states that space and time are aspects of the same thing. This connectivity is called so space-time. Simply our Universe. Every object in the universe has a speed limit on 3,00,000 km/s or 1,86,000 miles per second. So generally 3*10power3m2. Light also travels at the same speed. It takes 8 minutes 20seconds to reach the sunlight on earth. Whenever our speed matches the relativity speed. We see amazing things. So that we may lag behind the time.it feels like we are slow.

Four ways of Time Travel:

  1. Speed of light: if the speed of light is equal to the speed of our body then we can time travel. This is called Einstein’s special relativity.
  2. Gravity: this theory is also proposed by Einstein. This is the so-called general relativity. According to this theory, where there is a high gravity there time travels slow. Gravity is high in the black hole.
  3. Suspended animation: if the metabolism of our body stops then growth doesn’t occur. Cryogenic liquids are used to stop.
  4. Warm holes: they act as bridges during times. Our universe moves forward with the speed of 5lakhs miles per hour. When the universe is moving we must calculate the position. And travel from present to past. We can use warm holes. This means a short way to travel.
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Is Time Travel Possible?

We can time travel in the future. But to travel, we need advanced technology. We can travel 10 years further in just 1 year. Time travel is possible if and only if we have the energy as that of a black hole. And by using wormholes.
But in order to invent the time machine, we need a lot of energy. The amount of energy required is equal to the amount of energy produced in a 5 atom bomb explosion. but we don’t have that highly advanced technology to create huge energy. Time travel remains a theory. But in the future, if the technology is high and we are alive then it is possible.


I am really excited to see the future and also the past. If Scientists develop the advanced technology. We can go forward as well as backward. rectification of our mistakes and change them. We can live in our future and experience it. It is fantastic to experience to feel the moment. Let us wait and see the technology and can travel from the past to the future and vice versa.


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