URI: The Revolutionary strike between India and Pakistan

URI Surgical strike: Indian army conducted a surgical strike on September 26th, 2016 at the line of actual control. So many of the Indian army lost their lives which is painful. But Pakistan refused to accept the surgical strike.

Partition of Pakistan and India.

Personalized Turks in the 11th century came to India from Afghanistan conquered and settled in Lahore. Later they seize Delhi. Their sultanate was expanded to Madurai in the South, Gujarat in west

Incidents before independence.

In 1757, Britishers ruled India for 300 years. India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are one country at that time. Two lawyers from Gujarat Gandhi, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. They were fighting for independence. Mohammad Ali Jinnah started that divide and rule policy implemented. He also brought religion into politics. He demanded a separate country for Muslims. After 2 days of independence British judge divided the map. So Jinnah promised that Sikhs and Hindus present in Pakistan are protected. But the situation is not in the hands. After the partition, Hindus and Sikhs in Lahore thought that it will be difficult for them to stay in Lahore. And they started to come to India through the railway station. But Britishers observed the incidents and fired the entire station. Many dead bodies returned to India. So place domination has taken place. But they damaged crores of the amount.


1/3rd part of Jammu and Kashmir is left with Pakistan and 2/3 part is in India. In Pakistan occupied Kashmir (pok) Jai shi Mohammad terrorist grouped and settled in this place. This terrorist group attacked in URI of Kashmir. In which 19 Indian security forces army lost their lives. The same terrorist group on Feb 14 attacked CRPF soldiers and 40 soldiers got killed at Pulwama. The line of actual control is a place that divides pok and Kashmir. Both sides of the loc soldiers are on high alert.


Indians didn’t respond to the first two attacks. But we didn’t digest the third attack that took place in URI. life of soldiers is very precious and powerful too. The first surgical strike that took place is Loc surgical strike. After 10 days after the attack, the Indian army entered 3 kilometers inside pok. And they attacked few terrorist camps nearby. They also killed 70 Pakistan soldiers and came back safely.

What is a surgical strike:

If a part of our body gets damaged then surgery is done only at that part without harming the other body parts. Similarly, a surgical strike is a military attack only at the place which doesn’t harm neighbouring places. So due to the lives lost of soldiers, the modi government decided to start a surgical strike. But the terrorist place is 70 km away from loc. This is hard to travel on land. So airplanes can be possible but they will destroy it.

URI Surgical Strike:

We must reach that place in 10 min drop a bomb in 1 minute and return in 10 min. This incident must be done in just 21 minutes. So we chose Mirage 2008 warship. So they started early 3;30 and attacked on terrorist centers. Almost 350-400 terrorist lost their lives. And this is a place where young trainers are trained. Along with 350-400 terrorists, 2000 machine guns, 350 hand granites, 200 rocket launchers, and many weapons are destroyed by our army. But Pakistan is claiming that they reversed our warships and none of them got damaged in this incident. But India with perfect proof saying that they attacked them terrorists and destroyed many things.

Soldiers, Military, Army, Armed, Man

In return, Pakistan may attack near loc(URI). They are planning to attack internally. They are warning India that they drop atom bombs and destroy important and popular places.

Lies Of Pakistan on URI

Pakistan’s biggest lie was in 1999 at the Kargil war. So for almost 10 years, the Pakistan army was not involved in the Kargil war. But later in 2010, they accepted the involvement. And they agreed that 453 lives were killed in the Pakistan army. But almost 11 years Pakistan lied to their people in involvement in the war.

In 1996 Ex-prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Pervez Musharraf in his biography himself accepted that the Kargil war was pre-planned. And this plan was on the period of ex-PM of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif confessed that an army general backstabbed him in the Kargil war.

Pakistan’s government doesn’t believe in the Pakistan army. Because of its education system. The books of class 5 say opposite to the Hindu religion. So on their own, they accepted that Pakistan’s education policy is bad.

Terrorist attack:

India always faces terrorist attacks just from Pakistan. But they also blame India whenever an attack takes place in City. But they simply throw a statement. Because no such evidence or proof is not provided or available. But we always give proof with clear evidence to them.
First, they denied
Then they condemned
And finally accepted.

It is a military attack in which destroying a particular point without high damage.

Attacks (URI)

4 terrorist changed their appearance as Indian army soldiers in the line of control and entered India. The target of this terrorist is military tents in glory town. So Indian patriots arrived at the place of the incidents. But the suicide attack was completed by the time they arrived. India was in shock by seeing the bodies of soldiers. So the life of one Indian soldier and army is much painful than attack. But the damage was severe on that day. And India became the major target for attackers.

Terrorist Groups

A group in Pakistan was identified as a terrorist. This is one of the terrorist groups in Pakistan. And the Pakistan military actively gives support to them. This was a terrorist operation. Across the line of control options that are been included are long-distance firing and airstrikes by Indian army officers. Jammu and Kashmir’s army can easily find out the enemy than any other else. When the incident has taken place they are fully prepared to launch surgical strikes.


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